Danxia's Research on Digital Economics


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"Platform Dynamics and Economic Development", Econometric Society Asia Meeting, China Meeting; IIOC (2021)



"Towards Decentralized Equilibrium Asset Trading Based on Blockchain",
IEEE HPCC (2019)

"Optimal Stratification of Platforms: Two-Sided Markets Design with Mechanism Design Approach", AEA (2020)

"The Optimal Stratification of Platform Market", IIOC  (2020) 18th Annual International Industrial Organization Conference



Big Data

"Knowledge Accumulation, Privacy, and Growth in a Data Economy", Management Science (2021) 


ICT for Development 

"Harvard China Information Rainbow Initiative"    (2005 proposal, non-academic)

Tsinghua Digital-Development Project


Industrial Organization of  Chip Industry




NSFC (Natural Science Foundation of China) #71973076

"The Impact of Digital Platform Dynamics on Social Welfare and Financial Stability: Theory and Evidence"