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Research fields:  

Macro,  Law & Econ,  Digital Econ,  Finance,  International,  Development,  Labor,  PoliEcon 

New research on COVID-19

"Contagion, Migration and Misallocation in a Pandemic"

"The Optimal Timing of Quarantining a City",  (Chinese title: 最优“封城”时间)

"Hospital Run"



Topic 1. Law & Economics, Innovation, Knowledge Economics

"The Value and Pricing of Personalized Medicine" (with Tomas Philipson)  in progress

"Platform Externality, Asymmetric Information, and Counterfeit Deterrence in E-commerce"    

"Sequential Innovation and The Distribution of Profit: from Theory to Data" IIOC (2021)


Topic 2. Digital Economics, FinTech 

"Knowledge Accumulation, Privacy, and Growth in a Data Economy", Management Science (2021


"Platform Dynamics and Economic Development", Econometric Society Asia Meeting, China Meeting; IIOC (2021)


"Towards Decentralized Equilibrium Asset Trading Based on Blockchain", IEEE HPCC (2019)

"Optimal Stratification of Platforms: Two-Sided Markets Design with Mechanism Design Approach", AEA (2020)

"The Optimal Stratification of Platform Market", IIOC  (2020) 18th Annual International Industrial Organization Conference 



Topic 3. Finance, Macro-Finance, Financial Crisis


"Shadow Banking in China"  in progress


"Financial and Real Networks" (with Qingqing Chen)   in progress



Topic 4. Monetary Economics and Monetary Policy




Topic 5. International Econ,  International Macro,  Exchange Rate

“Estimating Exchange Rate Regimes with Nonlinear and Non-constant Inferences”,  (with Jeffrey Frankel),  coming soon
"Analysis of the Evolution of Renminbi's Exchange Rate Regime", (with Jeffrey Frankel), Studies of Internaltional Finance, (2018) vol.370(2)

“Exchange Rate Regime and The Internationalization of Renminbi”, working paper (Chinese title: 汇率制度与人民币国际化进程)



Topic 6. Growth, Development, China

"The Fall and Rise of Labor Share During Structural Transformations", with Longtian Zhang, Econometrica Society Asia Meeting (2019)
"Solow to Becker-Lucas", with Buyuan Yang, Econometrica Society China Meeting (2019)



Topic 7. Health, Labor, Family Economics

"Two Beckers: 2-Dimensional Matching with Household Production" , (with Pierre-André Chiappori) , in progress   

"The Optimal Timing of Quarantining a City",   (Chinese title: 最优“封城”时间)

"Hospital Run"




NSFC (Natural Science Foundation of China) #71973076

"The Impact of Digital Platform Dynamics on Social Welfare and Financial Stability: Theory and Evidence"


UChicago PhD Dissertation