Danxia's Teaching


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Tsinghua Courses
[2021]  Spring Semester

Law and Economics  (高级法与经济学)
[2020]  Fall Semester

Model Innovation for Economic Science & Policy  (经济科学与政策模型创新)
[2021]  Spring Semester



Previous Experience


[ECON260] Introduction to Public Finance:  TA for Prof. Casey Mulligan, UChicago
[2015]  Winter Quarter

[Booth33520] The Wealth of Nations:  Booth MBA course,  TA for Prof. Chang-Tai Hsieh, UChicago
[2013-2014]   Summer, Autumn Quarters: 8 Sessions

[ECON202] Elements of Economic Analysis-3:  TA,  Introduction to Macroeconomics, UChicago
[2013]   Spring, Summer Quarters

[ECON203] Elements of Economic Analysis-4 (Honors):  TA,  Fiscal and Monetary Policy, UChicago
[2013]   Spring Quarter